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We are constantly looking for the right way, the most original, the one that will remain in the memories for a lifetime; but, often, it is not possible to find the right words to be able to propose oneself to the loved one. That it is he who proposes himself to her, one cannot think of doing it without creating the right atmosphere, the perfect romanticism. Here, then, that a poetic boat moored at the port becomes an idyllic place. A bottle of wine, a buffet, background music, flowers and candles will become your ally to create the perfect atmosphere for the fateful question.


If marriage is the dream of a life that is finally crowned, future spouses cannot fail to celebrate the moment when they say goodbye to their single status. When you get married, you make a solemn promise: to stay close to the person you really love for your entire life. A cut with the past in the name of a wonderful future together with one's love. And what better way to celebrate this event than a quiet evening on a boat with the people who have shared the best moments of your life with you? An important date to celebrate with style and elegance.


A child is a blessing, a gift and as such should be celebrated in the best way. Imagine gathering your loved ones for an aperitif that marks the beginning of a new life in total relaxation, a day in which the only concern will be fun. Today all this is possible thanks to the experience and reliability of the shuttle, which will allow for a worry-free, safe, solid and autonomous crossing. A refined party in the company of people who have shared with you all the emotions that a child gives.


A new and original way to celebrate your birthday or to give your friends a special evening on the occasion of an important anniversary. You will unwrap the gifts in the elegant room of the Maine 640, spending the day between a dip in the crystal clear waters and an aperitif sipped on the terrace overlooking the sea. You will have the opportunity to relax in the sun, navigating the coves of the Tremiti Islands in search of tranquility or adventure, turning your birthday into a special day. Or you can decide to stay in port and enjoy the spectacle of the sunset while sipping an aperitif with your friends and relatives.


If you are looking for a special way to celebrate the end of your studies, choose a boat party. The only way to experience new and profound emotions in the company of friends who have shared the joys and sorrows of being a student with you. You will have a truly unique location at your disposal, celebrating with an aperitif and buffet in front of a beautiful sunset in the middle of the sea and letting yourself be involved in unspoiled nature. Uncork a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the end of the anxieties and nervousness of the exams and thank the parents for supporting us throughout the journey of life. An important moment that finally marks your entry into the world of adults and crowns you winners.
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