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The mask

Essential to practice snorkeling, the choice of the mask requires a little attention from you.
It must be said that none of us is able to see underwater without a mask. Our eyes are made to see through the air as the water distorts the vision. A mask allows us to have a layer of air between the eyes and the water so to have a clear view.
Tarnished masks, that hurt or are always filled with water are often the nightmare of the any snorkeller. Many problems can be solved when buying the mask. The best advice is to go to a specialised store, in person and try masks available: rest the mask on your face without the strap, inhale slightly and then hold your breath , the right mask will have to adhere perfectly to the face and not let the air out. Then also try it with the strap, and ensure that it does not string or hurt somewhere.
The mask does not tarnish when the inside of the glass is perfectly clean. All masks when new tend to fog. There are various types of treatment that can be made before trying them in water:

    • sprinkle the inside of the glass with a thick layer of toothpaste and leave a few hours, then thoroughly wash the mask and let it dry ( the procedure can be repeated several times );
    • wash thoroughly with dish soap the interior of the mask, even several times if necessary until the glass will not seem perfectly clean and with no residues of silicone or any other kind;

<li3)burn with a lighter substances that are inside of the glass. This last system, although quite conclusive, must be done with a steady hand and a lot of attention because it may damage the silicone and then the mask will no longer adhere well so water will penetrate.

The snorkel

Snorkel allows you to breathe comfortably on the surface while swimming without having to lift your head and enjoying the beauty of the seabed .
The size of the snorkel should be appropriate to the person, so a child will have a thinner and shorter snorkel and an adult a longer and wider one so the air needed for breathing can pass smoothly. The mouthpiece should be soft and adapt to the shape of the mouth and teeth, there are many ergonomic mouthpieces and the retailer will be able to advise you on what is best for you. The snorkel can also have a bleed valve that helps to empty it in the case of entry of water, but also can not have it and in this case to empty it,will be sufficient to blow into the tube.


They are essential to be able to safely swim. The fins provide some buoyancy which helps when you are tired, increase the thrust of the legs allowing you to move more smoothly and make less effort.
The choice of the fins is also very personal . They should fit like a pair of shoes (or rather comfortable slippers) , should not bite the foot because it would cause cramps and must be the right length for our athletic training ( a long fin can make us very fast , but if the legs are not trained will cramp in the calves) .


The suit serves to protect themselves against the cold. Even in the warm seas, the contact with water produces heat loss and after a bit of time you will start to feel cold. The use of a wetsuit reduces the contact with water, so the heat dissipation. The suits are made of different thickness neoprene (depending on the temperature of the sea water in which you will do snorkel ) . The suit must be comfortable , if it is too large , the exchange of water inside will be continuous and therefore there will still be heat loss , if it is too tight will restrict the circulation and you feel too forced . The suit should therefore be tested and must fit close to the body without tightening .


Other equipment you will want to consider might be a jacket for snorkeling, or a buoy. This equipment can help in the flotation and can make you feel safer. In any case, the neoprene has a strong buoyancy and also the use of a wetsuit can already be sufficient.

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